Southampton HUB Service




You may have heard us talk about appointment at the HUB if you have called for an appointment at the surgery. These are also sometimes called 'Extended Hours'.


What is this?

Southampton GPs introduced a new initiative a little while ago now to provide patients access to medical help from 8am to 10pm every day (including bank holidays).

Southampton Primary Care Ltd (which is owned by all Southampton GP practices) has been set up to provide these appointments at 'THE HUB' and is an important part of the practices' resource to help provide appointments to our patient population. You will be asked for permission to share your medical record with the person seeing you to ensure they can view your usual medication and possible allergies etc.


Who can use these appointments?

As a registered patient at Burgess Road Surgery, we can book an appointment with a doctor or nurse for you. You may find it more convenient to ask for a HUB appointment, especially if you work or can only see a GP or nurse at the weekend.


Where are these HUBS?

A number of ‘hubs’ run across Southampton, including from existing GP surgery premises. This means they can offer appointments closer to where you live.  When you are offered an appointment you will be advised where there is appointment availability on that day.


How do I book an appointment at The Hub?

Our reception staff can book these for you; call the surgery on 023 8067 6233. Also if you phone NHS 111 (when we are closed), then you could be offered a HUB appointment if you need to be seen by a GP or nurse on that day. Remember calling NHS 111 is free to phoneand available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you may not need to wait until 8am on Monday morning if you need medical attention over the weekend.