Our Appointment System




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Before booking an Appointment

  • Ask yourself if could the pharmacist at a local chemist help me? Many pharmacists are now trained to assess and recommend treatment for minor illnesses. They will also advise if you need see a doctor.
  • Would you be better using the online access to the GP or Nurse via SystmOnline access or with the new eConsult.
  • Consider if it is important that you are seen quickly, or would you be better waiting for an appointment with a particular GP. If you have an ongoing problem or long-term condition you may benefit from seeing a GP who knows you.
  • Don't be put off by a GP who runs late. They may be spending needed time with patients. One day you may appreciate them running late to give you the time you need.
  • It's tempting to bring a list of unrelated problems, but consider what is achievable in a 10 minute appointment. If you have 3 or 4 problems the GP will not be able to address all of them fully. It is often better to come back again and spend more time on a problem rather than try to squeeze them all in together.
  • Before you see the GP work out in your own mind what you are worried about. You may benefit from preparing short notes including how you would describe your symptoms so you don't forget everything that may be relevant.
  • Get to the point, don't beat about the bush and please don't keep important issues until you are about to walk out of the door.
  • Wear accessible clothing if you are likely to need to undress for an examination.
  • Make sure you understand what the GP has told you before you leave. If you are unsure please ask them to go through the treatment plan again.

Preparing for Doctors Appointment

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Please remember the doctor has 10 minutes for each appointment.


Reducing the DNA rate (DNA = Did Not Attend)

Burgess Road Surgery prides itself on providing our patients with good and rapid access to Doctors and Nurses by phone or in person with an appointment system.

A large number of appointments are provided to cope with the daily demand for appointments. Over the last few months it has been noted that the problem of patients booking appointments but not attending is becoming a problem.

The vast majority of patients are excellent at keeping their appointments. However there is a significant minority of patient that make appointments with the Doctor or Nurse or other Health Professional such as Physiotherapist and then do not turn up for the appointment.

This is clearly a waste of precious health professional time. It also affects patient care as patients who need to see the Doctor or Nurse can't get appointments and patients who don't want to see the Doctor or Nurse have blocked the health professional time.


How to manage your appointment.

(Many apologies to the vast majority of people who manage their appointment well already)

  • When you book your appointment please make it on a day and time that you will be able to attend.
  • Make a note of the date and time in your diary, calendar, or somewhere.
  • If you are held up or unable to attend then phone and cancel or re-book the appointment.

Yes, it is that simple really!!!


What if I make appointments and do not attend repeatedly

To encourage people who are persistent offenders please remember if you fail to attend repeatedly you may risk being removed from our NHS list and advised to find another GP surgery.